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At Vividhaus, we have a vast experience in Commercial (Corporate) Interior Design Execution work.

Be it our Designs, or, Analysing the designs by architects, we utilise our skills in space utilisation and user comfort. Further, we also make sure that workspace is made energy efficient which is one of the areas that the corporate world is focused on the reduction of carbon footprint. We are a team of highly skilled  engineers embedded with strong architectural and structural values.


All designs we do are in-house bespoke for you, our clients. Every detail is looked into and functionality of every element is scrutinized. We deal in some of the best brands of Walls, flooring, lighting fixtures, furniture, upholstery, wood works etc, which enables us to get hold of stylish, yet functionally efficient products. We ensure that the client requirements are met. All our services are customizable to size and budget requirements and are delivered on time every time.

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